Sarangi, a true Nepali Instrument

Sarangi is a true Nepali musical instrument. It is a stringed wooden instrument that is carved in a single piece of wood. It has a hollow body and is made of teak wood adorned with ivory inlays. The instrument Sarangi is held in a vertical position and played with a bow. Pitch is determined by sliding the fingernail against the string.

Sarangis are often played by the ethnic group of Nepal called Gandharvas. The Gandharvas are known for their invariable skill of singing and playing instruments like the Sarangi.

Sarangi is the combination of two words ‘sa’, the first note of music and ‘rangi’, which means colourful. This expresses the variety of music that can be produced by a Sarangi. It has been said that of all Indian instruments, Sarangi resembles most to the sound of the human voice.