The School of Japanese Language

Learning a new language has become more of a fashion and compulsion rather than simply a matter of choice. Moreover, learning some languages are easy while others are hard and of course, some are learned out of passion and desire while others comes as a compulsion. In countries like Japan where English is rarely used, it is compulsory that the people going there learn the language of the country. And with increasing number of people going to the country for work and other purposes, the number of students learning Japanese language is also increasing tremendously. Hence, in order  to meet the requirements of the students, many institutes have been established, one among which is The School of Japanese Language.

Located in New Baneshwor opposite to International Conference Center (ICC), The School of Japanese Language was created to meet the purpose of assisting students in furthering their education both in Nepal as well as Japan. Established with the commitment of providing the clients with reliable and timely services, the highly qualified, trained and experienced domestic as well as native teachers and instructors will make learning the language easy and good.

school of japanese language

An institute of didactic opportunities and career advancement where the people are connected nationally with learning opportunities and imaginative thoughts, The School of Japanese Language offers its clients  free visa preparation classes for those students who initiate their visa process through them. For the students who aspire to get higher studies in Japan, the school has developed particular policy and system to counsel them. The company that believes in giving first class counseling to the students for their complete success in future projects is not just oriented in earning profit but also in providing high quality education and services to the clients.

The School of Japanese Language offers various courses such as Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) classes, Japanese Government Scholarships (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) and Cultural Exchange Program with the students of college and universities of Japan. Besides these, the other services offered by the company include search of schools, colleges and universities, document preparation, visa counseling, migration, jobs search and accommodations, scholarships, grants and financial assistance and also long term and short term courses and trainings.

Also known as Wakaba, the institute provides high quality education to its students who are willing to learn the new language at their own speed. For further details on the institute as well as its courses, please contact:

The School of Japanese Language
New Banehwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
GPO Box: 8973, NPC 515
Tel/ Fax: +977-1-4485992