Self-reliant through Entrepreneurship

In 2002, four friends started a venture collecting Rs 15,000 each and came up with an idea to provide loans to the tea vendors and the milk and vegetable sellers to start their own entrepreneurship.

They started to go to training for running small business and that is how they became able to assist people to start up a small business with the loan amount they provided. They assisted 103 people with soft loans of Rs. 60,000.

Although the other three left, Bijay Kumar Shrivastav is still operating the Small Business Consultancy Center in Birgunj. It helps the poor and oppressed women to work from home and start a small business of their own. Its aim is to make them self-reliant and independent. It is because of this venture that nearly 3000 semi-skilled women in Bara and Parsa have found new employment and happiness through the loan and training.

It has one office in Bilauriya that trains women to make incense sticks out of bamboo. The women earn roughly Rs. 3,000 a month. Many Dalit (untouchables) and Janajati (indigenous) women have become self-reliant through entrepreneurship. It supports around 2,700 families.

The founder Shrivastav believes that even if it did not bring drastic change, the need for participatory entrepreneurship is immense in the lives of the people who are very poor and illiterate. And also collective entrepreneurship is needed rather than personal and large-scale achievements.