Definition: A selroti is something that makes every Nepali twinkle their eyes and feel increased secretion of salivary glands just at the mere thought of it. In other words, it is a food and a delicious one because only good foods can do the above mentioned things to a human being. In extra words, it is a thing which reminds us the festivals, flowers, lights, firecrackers, laughter, brothers, sisters, family and happiness. In shortest of words, a selroti is a Nepali food.

Every non-Nepali, who hasn’t tried selroti yet, must be dying to know how it looks and tastes by now. Thus, via this small article, one shall be enlightened about selroti to some extent.

How does a selroti look like?

A selroti is a complete circular roti or doughnut, golden brown on the outside and white in the inside. If it is not circular in shape, it is not a selroti.


It is crispy and soft in consistency except for a few times when the dish goes wrong or when it is eaten after several days of cooking.



What are the ingredients?

Soaked rice



Water(if necessary)


The rice is soaked overnight and then all the ingredients are grinded together in a semi-solid paste. Water is added only if necessary. The mixture is battered smoothly and then oil is heated for deep frying. After heating oil to an optimum level, the mixture is scooped by hand and poured into the oil in a circular pattern(like doughnuts). Both sides are cooked properly until they become golden brown in colour and that cooked selroti is taken out by the help of two wooden sticks.

Selrotis can be seen most in the month of October because this is a month of Deepawali, a festival of lights where selroti is considered major. in this month, this food in cooked in the home of every Nepalese. in this festival, selrotis are shared, tasted and even gifted. likewise, in pujas and other sacred or non-sacred functions, selrotis dominate the menu.