Sewa Bikash Bank Limited

Update: The bank started its joint operation with Kamana Bikash Bank Limited in 2017.

A regional level development bank, Sewa Bikash Bank Limited is promoted by highly prominent business personalities, group and reputed individuals of the region who have excelled in their field of business and profession with very good integrity and social standings. The bank is committed to offer a wide range of banking products and services tailored with the state-of-the-art technology to meet the unique requirements of all the customers and clients under the guidance of reputed and experienced Board of Directors and professional and dynamic management team. The bank, thereby, has been successful to please its customers by exceeding their expectations.

The team, following their concept of “Your Partners for Progress”, has been providing the quality products and services to its valued customers with utmost courtesy and care. The bank believes that delivery of quality products and services designed and customized to best suit the need of the customers through continues research, development and innovation is the foundation to build-up the trust and enhance the level of confidence between the customer and the bank. The team, thus, pledges its commitment to always endeavor for delivery of innovative products and services to all the customers to best suit their requirements ensuring the optimum benefit and value addition to them as well as to all other stake holders.

sewa bank

The bank established with the Authorized Capital of NRS 640.00 million, Issued Capital of NRs 230.00 million and Paid-up Capital of NRS 115.00 million has the mission of delivering, with integrity and commitment, its banking services and solutions that enrich businesses and lives around them. The bank that envisions being at the heart of every business has sixty percent of its shares in control of its promoters while the general public only gets the remaining forty percent.

To fulfill its mission and vision as well as to meet the expectations of its customers and clients, the bank has brought various products and services on offer under its different schemes. Under its deposit and Sewa Saving Scheme, it has Swarnim Fixed Deposit, Pensioner Saving, Shareholder Saving, Mahila Samman Fixed Deposit, Jestha Nagrik Samman Fixed Deposit, Sewa Special Saving, Sewa Saving, Sewa Bal Bachat Yojana, Sewa General Saving, Sewa Easy Saving, Employee Saving, Sewa Current/Call Account, Sewa Provident Fund Saving and Sewa Farmer Saving while it offers Hire Purchase Loan, Home Loan, Real Estate Loan, Personal Loan, Sewa Easy Term Loan, Sewa Easy Overdraft Loan, Industrial Loan, Business Loan, Educational Loan, Agriculture, Agricultural Business Loan, Foreign Employment Loan, Tourist Hotel Business Loan, Micro Finance Loan (Security/Group Gauraner), Other Loan, Fixed Deposit Receipt Loan, Share Letter Loan, Saving Letter Loan, High Price Metal Loan, Overdraft and Current Capital Loan under its loan schemes. Besides these, other services provided by the bank include Bank Guarantee, Bid Bond, Performance Bond, ATMs and Debit cards, Credit Information and Any Branch Banking Service. The bank has seven branches and two extension counters all over the region for the convenience of its customers.

The bank started its joint operation with Kamana Bikash Bank Limited in 2017. The integrated entity operates as ‘Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank Limited‘.