The Shadows, Nepal’s first hard rock band

One of the Nepal’s first hard rock bands, The Shadows are the hard rock icon of Nepal. This band from Narayangadh, Chitwan ditched the love songs and created their lyrics based on the real life struggles and stories. Although they refused to follow pop music despite the recognition and money involved in it, they have a huge fan following screaming their names and banging their heads to their music.

It’s been more than a decade that the group has been performing as a band and still they have continued to rock their fans and followers with their music. Their first album Suna Hamro Awaz was recorded six years after the band was formed. After their vocalist left the group, they found a new vocalist Swapnil and started working on their second album and today, whenever we hear the same The Shadows, the heavy voice coming out of the thin body of Swapnil Sharma hits the mind. With the songs like Hidne Manche Ladcha, Ma Prakriti, Dharma and Bhatkeko Kotha in their second album Hidne Manche Ladcha, they continued to rock the nation and were also awarded for the best band, best music and best performance in the year 2006.


The Shadows is a five man band with Swapnil Sharma on the vocals, Prashant Vk on rhythm guitar, Prakash Rasailey on lead guitar, Amit Pradhan on bass and Bikash Manandhar on drums with Rupesh Sen as the band manager. The concept of forming a band came out to these school friends as they used to play together. Gradually playing in small local concerts got bigger and their drive to be unique make them work hard and hone their skills and today, they are the first hard rock band of Nepal. They got influenced by rock music as it is the best way to express anger and passion and because they wanted to bring some difference and create revolution in Nepali music, they continued to rock the nation in their own style. It is their desire and zeal to make people aware of universal truth that made them choose hard rock rather than pop.

Their popularity is not just limited to Nepal but among the Nepalese living abroad as well. Their CDs were taken to Japan, Britain and the United States by their fans and they, too, have gone abroad for various musical performances and concerts.