Shangri La Tours and Himalayan Journeys

Two of the popular and reputed Himalayan trekking and travel agencies, Shangri La Tours and Himalayan Journeys are a special type of tour operator (adventure travel out-fitter) which conducts adventure travel trips in the Himalayas. Operating out in the same premises in Kathmandu, Shangri La Tours and Himalayan Journeys have common ownership and management. Shangri La Tours also has a fully functional travel agency unit in Biratnagar, besides Kathmandu while Himalaya Journeys has its offices in Lukla, Namche and Pokhara which are the gateways to the world’s highest mountain peak Everest and one of the most popular tourist destinations for trekking – Annapurna regions, respectively.

Shangri La Tours takes care of airlines tickets, hotel and other transport and sightseeing arrangements while Himalayan Journeys only operates and manages adventure related segment of the trip. Together, these two agencies make your journey comfortable and enjoyable. Established together in 1978 AD, both travel agencies have been operating under same ownership since their inception. The team of professionals working in the agencies with experience of operating trips in the mountains and Himalayas of Nepal thrives to provide customer-centered quality services to their clients so that the guests could relax and enjoy their holidays and treks in the majestic Himalayas of Nepal while the company handles all the travel, ticketing, accommodation and food issues.

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With a commitment to the protection of the environment, the company gives priority to safety and comfort in adventure and also, in an attempt to conserve and cause less destruction to the local environment, the on-field team carries their own fuel (kerosene or LPG) rather than using firewood during their trips.

The Sirdars, cooks and Sherpa crew belonging to the company are given intensive and comprehensive training program for the trek every year so that they will be accustomed with the tricks and trades of trekking in the mountains and Himalayas and will be able to properly assist the clients and travelers during the trip. This approach has, thus, paid up as the crew out on the field has been successful to maintain high professional standards of the company.

Some of the services and travel options offered by the company include adventure tour, culture tour, fixed departures, trekking, peak climbing, bungy jumping, white water rafting, jungle safari, mountain biking, bird watching, etc. For further details, log on to