Shanti Nepal

Shanti Nepal, a Christian social development organization, was established in April 2003. Located in Talchikhel, Lalitpur, the organization through its social welfare programs helps in transformation of poor and marginalized communities to improved health condition and livelihood. This organization, under the control of Christian community, demonstrates love and concern towards the needy people.

Established with the mission of facilitating the empowerment of poor and needy communities for improving their health and livelihoods, it focuses on physical, social and spiritual transformation of the individuals. Its vision is to transform the Nepali Society harmonically so that the people can live in peace and harmony with each other. Shanti Nepal works in Lalitpur and Dhading districts in community health and development and carries out the activities like drinking water and sanitation, income generation programs, nutrition promotion, strengthening local health system, safe motherhood and child health, promotion of oral and mental health, community empowerment and mobilization and many other activities so that the mortality rate of the children and women are highly reduced through the good health facilities and promotion.


With major focus on some of the ethnic groups like Chepangs, Dalits, Tamangs and Kumals, Shanti Nepal is expanding day by day to improve health status and basic livelihoods of these peoples helping them to lead a sustainable and healthy life. This organization also carried out some health services like basic emergency services, outpatient general health services, antenatal – postnatal services, under – five children care and vaccination, community birthing centre, basic oral and mental health services, tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment, community health awareness services to the people residing in Lalitpur and Dhading districts. It carries out training and primary health services to the medical personnel and volunteers from Nepal and overseas. Besides, regular project work, it extends its helping hands to poor and needy people with supports like school scholarships for children, charity for medical treatment, etc. Shanti Nepal is a non – profitable organization concerned to carry out the awareness programs with some aid from medical personnel and aim for reducing mortality rate and making backward people lead a healthy and sustainable life. For further details contact:

Shanti Nepal

Talchikel, Lalitpur

Tel: +977-01-5544455