Sharda Group

One of the largest private industrial and trading companies in Nepal, Sharda Group has an annual turnover of more than US $ 150 million. The company has been involved in a wide spectrum of industrial operations, manufacturing and trading products, ranging from industrial goods to consumer durables and non-durables, since 1970. The major factors leading the company to success are its integrity, dynamism and innovation which have made the group a symbol of trust and quality for over four decades in Nepal.

The company has been providing services of international standards to its customers and be it securing and absorbing the best technologies or recruiting and training the best people, it has always maintained its high quality at all levels of its operations. Not only its operations but it also has good quality products and services, high production capacity, prompt delivery and warm interaction with the consumers that have further enhanced the reputation that the group carries. The company covers a wide market with its excellent marketing network.

soaps by sharda group

The group that had initially set out looking to establish a name that would be synonymous with reliability, quality and sincerity, at present, has been able to enter the global market with substantial success, thanks to its best quality and service. Even though it has received immense success in national as well as international markets, it has never given up its quest for being the best service provider and setting new standards and adopting new ways of growing. The group has set a new industry standard in quality and service and has become a benchmark for others to evaluate their performances through the latest global technology, strategic alliances, new breakthroughs, continuous research and development work.

The group that has been involved in production and marketing of carpet and wool, cement, flour and rice, homecare, noodles and snacks, oil and ghee, oxygen, plastic, rubber and footwear, soaps and chemicals and wires and cables began its operation with garment trading almost 100 years ago. The real success of the group began after the establishment of a rice mill at Lahan in 1948 by the company. The Group, today, not only owns and operates some of the major production and import companies but also owns Pioneer Carpet Industries as a solo project and Shangrila Housing, Bajra Shangrila Residency, Infratech and Shivam Cement Industries as joint ventures. Moreover, Sharda Group is engaged in the export-import of a wide variety of products ranging from metals like Copper and Brass Scrap, Zinc Ingot, Zinc Dross, M.S. Plates to Rice, Silk, Betel Nuts, Food Products, Chemicals and other miscellaneous items under the company name of Pioneer Marketing. It also undertakes the Food and Beverage Division of the company which is engaged in imports of products like Milk Powder, OKI brand Sunflower Oil, Chocolates, Betel Nuts and Dates ensuring the national development and prosperity by meeting the industrial and domestic demands of various products.

The specialized trading wing of the Group, Samiksha Enterprises, handles the import and marketing of electrical goods, machinery, consumer goods and chemicals along with marketing of electrical goods under the brand name of ‘Premier’. It imports products like Sub meters, PVC Tapes, MCBs, MCCBs, Lighting Fixtures, Tube Lights, Bulbs, CFLs, Fans and Decorative Lights and its Hardware Division imports Water Pumps, Electric Motors, Welding Electrodes, Wire Nettings, Tools, Nails, etc. while its Chemical Division imports Wax, Titanium Dioxide, White Cement and Calcium Carbide. The company is also involved in the import and marketing of the consumer and cosmetic products like toothpaste, tooth brush, powder, bathing soap, candy, etc.

noodles by sharda group

Not only the production, import and marketing of such products but the Sharda Group is also involved in providing Banking and Financial services to the citizens of Nepal. Kumari Bank Limited and Sunrise Bank Limited are the two commercial banks established by the Group with the Group Chairman S.R. Sharda as the Chairman and a member of board of directors of the banks respectively. The Group is also involved with Nepal Merchant Banking and Finance Limited. The Group had also started Ridi Hydropower Development Company Private Limited in 2000 with the aim of developing hydroelectric projects and help nation to fulfill local electricity demand.

The company that has become ‘First’ so many times in so many ways such as first to bring out new products, first to receive the NS quality standardization mark on a number of products, first to serve the people with countrywide service network, Sharda Group is one of the leading Nepali companies with its approach and huge success in carpet industry and other sectors of production, import and marketing of various products and services. The company based in Biratnagar has its corporate office in Thapathali, Kathmandu.

Sharda Group
Head Office, G.P.P. Box: 133 Janakipath
Biratnagar-6, Nepal
Tel: +977-21-524075/523127/532810
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Corporate Office, GPO 2544, Thapathali
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4229922/888/587/655
Fax: +977-1-4229800/4244996
Branch Office, GPO 80, Satghumti Road
Biratnagar-8, Nepal
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Liaison Office, 40 Strand Road, Model House
Room No. 23, Second Floor, Kolkata-1, India
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