Shivapuri Heights Cottage

Located on two acres of land at a height of 6,000 feet in the serene and low-profile atmosphere on the hill north of Kathmandu, Shivapuri Heights Cottage is a pleasant getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. For those who want to get away for a day, this place makes an ideal destination as it could be reached after a 30 minutes drive and a short walk from downtown Kathmandu.

Not just the accommodation and meals, there are many other activities that Shivapuri Heights Cottage offers like various long and short walks and hikes, a tour around the village, upstream waterfalls and the Shivapuri National Park, open air yoga sessions and massage treatments, etc. You can also go on a picnic style ‘walk and lunch’ in the middle of the jungle on one of the nearby hills or go on a nice day-hikes through the forest along the hills with your family or friends.

shivapuri height cottage

The cottage blends perfectly with the natural setting of its environment with the traditional country house appearance. The cottage was designed by Steve Webster, a British married to a Nepalese, who also owns the place. Thus, the place resembles the rural houses of both England and Nepal. The ceilings and roofing are done using wood and tiles and the building is painted mostly in red color with shades of black and brown. The view from its lawn is amazing with the lush green vegetation and picturesque scenes of the hills everywhere.

The lounge area is big enough to accommodate a small social gathering or for hosting a party with friends. A cozy fireplace and a small library with collections of novels by famous writers and real life accounts about people and places makes it a perfect place to spend the chilly mornings and evenings. Although there isn’t any television or VCD in lounge or the rooms, you will not miss it. There are two slanted wooden ladders leading up to the rooms with enough beds to accommodate six people while another room on the ground floor can provide comfortable accommodation for two. Also, in a separate area in an independent cottage at slightly lower elevation adjacent to the main cottage which is convenient for a small family with a large bed on the ground floor and additional two beds in an attic room.

The cottage also has a well stocked mini-bar with all sorts of beverages from soft drinks to beer to wine. The regular Nepali dishes are served by the warm and caring staffs. For further information, contact +977-9841371927 (Sohan) or +977-9841268171 (Umesh) or email or or log on to