Shopping in Nepal

Nepal is a popular tourist destination where numerous tourists around the world come for fun, adventure, religion and studying and understanding its culture. Those who come here, it’s only natural for them take away souvenirs when they return, souvenirs for their close ones or for themselves, they do buy few things in Nepal. Nepal specializes in various handicrafts and authentic products that are made exclusively in the country and are exported to international markets as well. Nepal has also become a popular shopping destination for tourists as the quality of products manufactured here are capable of meeting international standards.

The labor being cheap here also reduces the cost of production which is why many foreign companies have set up their manufacturing plants here in Nepal. Brands like Pepsi, Coke, Colgate, Pepsodent, etc. are few among the many. Also, the foreign imported goods are available here at competitive prices. Among the various products available in the Nepali market, the handicraft goods are the favorite of the tourists. These products reflect the handiwork, artistic, traditional and social values of the Nepali people. The Nepali Knife (Khukuri) is also one of the most popular souvenirs purchased.

The major shopping areas in two important tourist places in Nepal are given below:



Thamel – thankas, handicrafts and clothes

Indrachowk – clothes and equipments

Durbarmarg – Clothes, shoes and handicrafts

Kathmandu Durbar Square – handicrafts

Bhaktapur Durbar Square – handicrafts

Patan Durbar Square – handicrafts

Asan – almost anything and everything available

New Road – clothes, jewelry and electrical items

Putali Sadak – Clothes

Kantipath – Clothes

Lazimpat – thankas, handicrafts and others


You can buy photos of the Himalayas, postcards, maps, books, jewelry, thankas, handicrafts, clothes and gift items in the major shopping areas in Pokhara.

The souvenirs you can buy in Nepal include the following:

Garments – handmade shawls, woolen sweaters, jackets, caps

Jewelry – necklaces, bracelets, rings and traditional silver beads

Music – Nepalese classical, folk and sacred tunes

Nepali handmade paper and paper products – traditional type also known as rice paper

Spices – various types of spices are available in Asan, the spice corner of Nepal

Pashmina – it is the only dress always in romantic mood and are made of soft and tender wool

Tea – the Himalayan Organic Orthodox Tea by many tea companies in Nepal are very popular as well as healthy

Woolen Carpets – hand-knotted, traditional techniques for the finest carpets

Wood carving – on doors, windows, pillars and art works, traditional Newari craftsmanship.