Shopping in Newroad

The best place to shop in Kathmandu is the center of the city, New Road. Located at the heart of Kathmandu, New Road offers variety of shops and goods to the people. From larger malls to small road side vendors, there are various types of stores and shops here offering a wide range of products and goods to choose from.

Be it bags, clothes, shoes, stationery,  fruits, vegetables, accessories or spices, you name it and you will find it all. Moreover, you can also pamper yourself with beauty treatments and indulge in delicious foods in New Road. The malls like Pashupati Plaza, Bishal Bazaar, Kathmandu Mall etc offers variety of branded products. From New Road gate starts the line of shops selling ‘titauras’, ‘pustakari’, and ‘gudpaks’ along with jewelry stores, shoe stores, clothing stores and banks. There are also the ATMs and branch offices of some banks around the Kichapokhari area. Straight ahead of the statue that lays at the center of New Road is the Basantapur or the Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square Museum. The area also has a school and some cafes. The shops here offer handicrafts and souvenirs. To the right of the statue goes a path towards Indrachowk to Ason.

Indrachowk is famous for ‘pote’ (glass beads) and also offers varieties of shawls, clothes, shoes etc. There also lay the temple of Akash Bhairav. Further from Indrachowk is the oldest market in Kathmandu, Ason, which is famous for almost anything and everything from sweaters, clothes, brass utensils, species as well as vegetables.

There are also many cafes, restaurants and hotels offering varieties of cuisines and drinks. From veg to non-veg, sweets to salty and snacks to meals, the cafés and restaurants here offer various cuisines. As you cross the New Road gate, to the right is Maha Bouddha, the wholesale market of Kathmandu. The market offers varieties of products from clothes to shoes to bags to gadgets to accessories, the area offers varieties of products at wholesale prices. However, there goods could only be bought if you buy half a dozen or more and only few sells retail products.

New Road is a commercial hub and one of the favorite shopping destinations in Kathmandu because of variety it offers the customers to choose from.