Shova Bhagwati temple

One of the famous temples of the Hindu goddess Durga, the temple of Shova Bhagwati is situated in Kathmandu. The temple is very famous, like all other temples in Nepal, for fulfillment of the wishes of the devotees. The actual name of the temple was Shovagaya Bhagwati, which meant luck, ‘especially luck in married life’ but it was later changed into Shova Bhagwati and the temple is famous with this name and also the place is known by the name of the temple.

This temple is one of the four major Bhagwati temples in Kathmandu. According to Puranas, Bhagwati Durga said ‘whoever worships me during Chaite Dashain and Nawaratri/Nauratha will get my grace and fortune shall follow them’. The temple is built on the basis of Ying or female form of energy principle and has special significance in the lives of the people.

The temple is visited by a large number of devotees each year and especially wives worship the goddess for good health and long lives of their husbands. Shovagaya is the symbol of married life, it represents the elements or signs worn by a married women. Hence, married women, in the Hindu religion are usually blessed as “Sauvagyawati bhawa“, meaning have a long and happy married, long as in long life of their husbands. Also, the women are considered lucky if they die before their husband. Moreover, wearing the vermillion, pote and bangles are the signs of Shauvagya and are believed to keep their husbands safe and blessed. Hence, women also offer these symbols of Shauvagya in the temple while they worship the goddess. The goddess Shova Bhagwati is also considered as one of the ten Matangi, Das Mahavidhya (ten powerful goddesses). And not only the wives, but also other males and females worship the goddess for the happiness success in their personal and professional lives.