Siddhi Vinayak for getting your work done

The temple of Siddhi Vinayak, also known as the Siddhi Ganesh temple, is situated in Shorakhutte, Kathmandu. Like many temples in Kathmandu, it is famous for fulfillment of the wishes of the devotees. Lord Ganesh is the beloved god of the Hindu devotees and also he is the first one to be worshiped before starting a new work or any sort of puja.

People of the valley come to worship the temple before starting any new projects so that no obstacles come in their way and after their wish is fulfilled, they come to the temple again to express their gratitude towards the god. Be it after getting married or after conducting the Pasni of a child, coming here for worship is believed to bring happiness and success in their lives.

siddhi binayak

People usually come to this temple asking for knowledge and success and there is a tradition of hanging a bell in the temple if you wish for something. It is believed that by writing their names on a bell and hanging it on the temple, their wishes will be fulfilled soon. As strange as it may sound, it is also said that if someone else rings the bell, then the one who rings will get 25 percent of the virtue and the one who hanged the bell gets 75 percent as ringing the bell passes positive energy and create power. Hence, people hang bell in the temple to get their wishes fulfilled soon.

The name Siddhi Binayakor Siddhi Ganesh itself means ‘one who gets the work done’, hence, people often come here with their wishes and conduct pujas and hang bells to please the god. The temple is crowded on Tuesday as it is considered as the day of Lord Ganesh. For Ganesh being a popular god, the temple is visited, especially by the locals, everyday. So, if you want to get your work done, then pleasing Lord Ganesh might be a good idea. It doesn’t need more than visiting the temple with a clean and honest heart.