Sindhu Bikash Bank

Established on Bhadra 22, 2067 BS (September 7, 2010), Sindhu Bikash Bank is the first development bank of Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal. The bank, licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank (Central Bank of Nepal) as a ‘B’ class financial institution, is being operated under the Company Act and Bank and Financial Institution Act 2063 BS of Nepal. The bank that was opened with the initiative of Sindhupalchowk Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nepal also has a network of three branches (as on 2012).

With a mission of being a leading, client-focused, innovative and low-cost provider of financial services through the distribution channels of the client’s preference in markets where they can create value, the bank offers major services in various segments of accounts and deposits, loans, money transfers and other value added services. About one hundred and eighty four promoter share holders of the bank mostly consists of highly experienced professionals from various background such as business, banking and financial services, professors, doctors, and other professionals.

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The administrative as well as the managerial team of Sindhu Development Bank is motivated by the passion to excel in banking by maintaining highest standards of services to their valued customers, backed by innovative products and services which will make them one of the leading public sector development banks in the country catering to a wide range of customers from individuals to corporate clients. The bank, keeping in mind the convenience of its valued customers and clients, has started providing services from its three branch offices each at Khadichaur Bazar, Banepa and Melamchi. It also plans to further increase its services and expand its branch networks to provide easy and fast services to its clients and customers.

The products and services that the bank offers to its clients and customers are Sajilo Bachat, Suva Laxmi Bachat, Bal Balika Bachat, Jestha Nagarik Samman, Sanchaya Kosh Saving, Shareholder Saving and Sindhu Premium under its saving and deposit schemes and Hire Purchase Loan (personal and commercial vehicle, new or old), Education Loan, Real Estate Loan, Residential Housing Loan, House Construction Loan, Agriculture Loan, Foreign Employment, Consortium Loan, Business Loan, Industrial Loan, Women Entrepreneur Loan, Margin Lending Loan, Deprive Sector Loan, Overdraft/ trust receipt/ working capital Loan, SME Loan, Hydropower Loan, Personal Loan, FD Loan, Loan on other bank’s FD receipt, Government Bond, Gold Loan and other loans under loan schemes. The bank also provides other facilities and services such as Any Branch Banking Services (ABBS), remittance, cheque clearing, cheque payment from NMB, etc.

For further details, contact:

Sindhu Bikash Bank
Barhabise Bazar, Barhabise
Tel: +977-11-489245/6
Fax: +977-11-489247