Singer Ashok Sen

Hailing from the town of Butwal in Nepal, Ashok Sen, also the student film making, is pursuing his musical career in Kathmandu. Belonging to a non-musical family, his passion for music led him into this field although his parents (family) wanted him to become a doctor, engineer or join the army. He is famous among the young generation of Nepal for his unique voice and music.

ashok sen

He was drawn towards music during the glorious G n’ R era and at some point, the band is also responsible for influencing him towards music as he wanted to be one of them (Rockstar) rather than a doctor or engineer. Music, for him is the integral part of his life. Music is one of the most important parts of his life, one of those whose absence paralyzes him. It also helps him express his feelings that are struck within. His greatest inspiration has been the mid-80s rock band Guns and Roses (G n’ R) and the first song he sang correctly was ‘Knocking in heaven’s door’ and when he sang it, his elders were very impressed and it encouraged her even more. He plays alternative, punk rock and grunge music and as the ‘Grunge Revolution’ was high during the time he finished his school and had his own guitar to play on, his creations are quite influenced by it.

Although the younger generation understands the music he plays, most of the people don’t as the radio and FM stations promote the music belonging to old school (folk and modern) and also there is no specification of genre of music in Nepal. One song that is close to his heart is the song Thakisake from his first album Koshish which defines him and his feelings. He seek financial help from his family to bring out his first album as the music companies are not very supportive towards the new artists financially and are pretty much happy assisting them after they have managed the financial department themselves. According to him, an artist should have quality and uniqueness in their songs and music, along with good voice and the anti-piracy laws and activities should be made stricter by the government and implemented properly for an artist to survive for a long time in Nepal.

[youtube][/youtube] Besides being involved into music and film making, Ashok Sen also runs a rehabilitation center in Butwal, however, his devotion and involvement towards music and film making takes too much of his time and he could not be involved with the center as much as he used to be.