Singer Nisha Deshar

Nisha Deshar is a well known singer who is popular not only for her Nepali songs but also for her songs in Newari language. This shy and not-so media friendly singer thinks that her shy nature is a reason why she has not been able to do and accomplish many things that she desired, especially in the field of music.

nisha desar

She studied from nursery to grade 3 at Hilltop Boarding School and from grade 3 to 7 at Bajra Barahi School. As she did not have any interest in studies and also her parents never forced her to study, she left school after grade seven. However, she did pass her SLC exams from Prerana Women’s School in the year 2060 BS and enrolled for IA, never actually completing it. She got married at the age of 17 years to the love of her life Umus Sherpa, a journalist by profession. Their love story seems to be something cut straight out of a romantic movie. She used to call into musical programs in FM stations and sing there, competing and winning many prizes. He had heard her voice then and she had heard his name when his stories and short creations were read out in FM stations. They first met at Do Re Mi Music School where she was pursuing her musical studies and after courting for two years, they go married.

Her inspiration for getting into the field of music was her late uncle Prem Bahadur Deshar who was a professional musician himself. He used to teach music to her and her siblings when they were very young. She used to listen to FM stations and participate in the musical programs. In the year 2058 BS, she participated in a music competition in Radio Nepal and got a prize to record a song. She recorded her first song ‘To Ta Ohuma’ in Newari language which made her popular and gained her recognition in Newari music. After that, she joined Do Re Mi to study music. She has also recorded a bhajanPrabhu timro ek darshan pae’ which was almost regularly played every morning and evening in media.

[youtube][/youtube] She has recorded around seventy to eighty Newari song, sang group songs and chorus and has lend her voice in collection albums as well. After eight years long absence from the music industry, she re-entered into the field by participating in the Modern Music Competition in Radio Nepal in the year 2066 BS. She not only was praised for her voice but also won the cash prize of Rs 7,000 for her singing the song ‘Chutau vanchau chuta vaigo timi mero hoinau vane‘. Her husband had introduced her to music composer Gaire Suresh who offered her an opportunity to sing ‘timro mero sambandhako charcha chalcha chalna deu‘ which made her popular and added the numbers on her fan list.

Nisha Deshar released her song ‘jamana kharab cha‘ penned by Dr. Krishna Baral and composed by Gaire Suresh from her album Lokarpar, long before her album was released. The album with six songs made her popular, getting her offers of singing in collection albums, interviews along with other musical offers.