Singer Raju Lama

One of the most famous singers of Nepal, Raju Lama needs no introduction at all.  Heartthrob for lots of ladies, he has been successful to let his charisma attract many ladies around the nation. With his beautiful and touching lyrics, he has become successful to mesmerize not only his ladies fans but also others. He was also honored by Dalai Lama who bestowed upon him, a Dhaka topi, while he was performing in front of Richard Gere and other popular figures.

raju lama

Associated with the band Mongolian Heart, Raju Lama is probably the only artist in Nepali music industry who has existed with and without a band at the same time. The band that split in 2007 reformed with new members. The band has also gone on tours to different parts of Nepal, Sikkim and Darjeeling after new formation and has also released a new album Raju Lama Mongolian Heart Volume 5 in September 2009.

Although most of the people believe that he left Nepal for good, he states that they have misunderstood and misinterpreted. He has been abroad for tours and concerts that he has been doing since he started singing. No matter where he is, he will always be known as Nepali musician who has been creating music and people should change their attitudes and way of thinking. He considers music as his passion and it is something that he has worked very hard for and wherever he lives, he would continue making music. Although he finds no difference between his life in Nepal and America, he misses his family as he is all alone there.

[youtube][/youtube] He is grateful to the music for what it made him today, however, he is disturbed with the piracy that exceeds in music industry in Nepal. Raju Lama with his touching and soulful music and lyrics, has a huge fan following, especially female fans, as the listeners can relate to his songs. He has rocked the nation with his hit songs like Sayad timro batoma, timilai dekhera, etc.