Singer and social worker Deepak Bajracharya

One of the famous singers in Nepali music industry, Deepak Bajracharya was a sculptor, as he belonged to a sculptural family, before he entered into the music industry. However, his immense passion towards music was greater than sculptor and with his hard work, he has been successful to become one of the most popular singers of Nepali music industry. The first one to introduce the Latino style music to our Nepali music industry, he has released six albums, recorded more than 250 songs, programmed more than 275 songs and has been involved in many social works.

deepak bajracharya

His music career started with his first song Chodi Gayo Priye, his first concert was in 2046 BS and his first album was released in 2047 BS with his band Littluns. His band members could not sustain due to financial problem and their personal career and as there was no scope for music, they decided to choose other tracks after which he began his solo career. A great fan of Gypsy King, he used to listen to his songs which influenced him and he still listens to his songs as Gypsy King is his favorite singer. He also plays a guitar and his favorite is Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits.

His first hit song Oh Amira was dedicated to his wife, his then girlfriend, which not only made his wife happy but also got him a huge fan following. During his long career in Nepali music industry, he has experienced changes in terms of public response, finance and also the development of music scene in Nepal. The most inspiring moment for him was the time when his song was aired for the first time in Radio Nepal. One of the difficult things in the life of an artist in Nepal, according to him, is that they have to maintain their standard which is quite difficult with what money they make.

[youtube][/youtube] He has also opened up Royal Tine Academy where musicians are trained. He is also a brand ambassador for Bagpiper Whiskey, Kodak Film, Samsung Electronics and World Link Communication and Anna Lifan Motorcycle. He is also an artist, musician, arranger and a performer. He is also involved in a social work, he is associated with Kodak and is donating Rs one lakh every month to Cancer Relief Society and personally. He also contributes Rs 1 per copy of his CD to Cancer Relief Society.