Singer Sukmit Gurung

One of the famous Nepali Modern Classical, Nepali pop and Nepali movies playback singers, Sukmit Gurung was household name during the 1990s. Although she does not come into media world as frequently as she used to, she still is a popular singer known to most of the Nepalese population.

Born in Sikkim in India more than four decades ago, Sukmit Gurung made her first stage performance at the age of 14 during her school days. Her school had music classes and concerts which she tried to be a part of. She also got the chance of singing in choirs at local churches as she was born to a Christian family and this also helped her enhance her abilities.

sukmit gurung

Her first solo song was O Mero Priyatam which she had recorded when she was a young artist from Sikkim trying to make it big in the Nepali music industry. Her song became a big hit making her album Kahin ta Birsanu Timile popular and opening the way for young female artists in the industry.

Although she had come to Kathmandu as a tourist accompanying her sister in 1974, her vocal abilities had come to notice of senior musicians of the time including the legendary Prakash Gurung. With the encouragement and support of her seniors and well wishers, she participated in a music contest organized by the Radio Nepal, the only radio service in Nepal at the time. Her victory at the contest paved her way towards the music industry where she has contributed many songs and years of her life.

She was a popular singer of her time and has worked with many well known and senior musicians and singers. Some of her songs are Relimai Relimai Relimai, Pal Pal Timrai Sanjhanama, Dhoka Dieu Timile, Tyo Juneli Raat, etc.