Soch by Karna Shakya

An inspiring autobiography by Karna Shakya, Soch is one of the most acclaimed novels in the field of Nepali literature. Written by a successful entrepreneur and a conservationist, Soch provides plenty of morals that can be the laid as the foundation of bright future and successful life for all humans. Soch which means ‘thought’ or ‘thinking’ encourages us to have a positive thought and attitude towards life. The author in the book has tried to explain the ultimate truth and vision of life with the help of his real life experiences.


The book inspires and encourages us to become optimistic towards the future and instance of self esteemed living. One question that the author wants all the aspiring entrepreneurs and humans to ask with themselves is how to become successful rather than how to become rich. He, through his book, explains the value of being patriotic, hard working, disciplined, sincere, punctual, informative and ideological people who are considered as the precious decorations of life and he also mentions that to reach that position, one should have depth in their thought (Soch) and strength of struggle in life. To become successful, one needs to have bright and optimistic thought and be hopeful, is the message delivered convincingly by the author through the book.

The book helps us to observe and have the ability to distinguish the facts between ideas and thought along with helping us to create a new mindset. What the author says through the book is ‘dream first, then conquer it with the internal visualization of soul’. A powerful autobiography by Karna Shakya, Soch holds the power of bringing a revolution in one’s life and if the message of the book is taken in a positive manner, it could also prove to be a boon for the readers. One of the successful autobiographies in Nepali language, Soch deserves a read.