SOS Children School Surkhet

SOS is an independent non-governmental organization which was established with a motto “Save Our Soul”. Founded by Dr. Hermann Gmeiner, it has been working for the right of orphaned and abandoned children.

SOS Children’s Village Surkhet is situated at Kalagaon, ward – 3 Birendranagar Surkhet, the Mid Western part of Nepal. For constructing this children village beside the Regional Hospital, the land had been provided by the Government of Nepal free of cost. It was inaugurated with 14 family houses, the village director’s house, co – worker’s residences and administrative building and after few years, SOS Hermann Gmeiner school (SOSGHS) was established for the proper education facility and career development of orphan and abandoned children. Now it has extended up to +2 level educations in Management. The college that had begun with 120 children and four teachers only has become successful to establish itself as a renowned school and best among +2 Management colleges in Surkhet.

sos school surkhe

SOSHGS Surkhet is acting like the god for the ones who don’t have anybody to support them or to be called as a family. It is providing quality education with high level of extracurricular activity for the physical, mental social development of the orphans. It provides a great opportunity, not only to orphans but also other children who are enrolled in SOSHGS Surkhet.

For providing the proper care and creating a familiar environment, each house is provided with a trained woman called as Mother who takes care of all the children in that house. Children also consider each other as family members creating a peaceful and familiar environment. The director of respective village is referred as father of that village so that children never feel that they are alone in this world rather they are with the family. With a specific objective of equipping the children and students with the skills required to be able to find a dignified place in the society and innovative mind, attitude of hope and tolerance and character necessary for becoming a good human being, SOS Children School Surkhet is expanding its helping hand to more and more children.