Sotai and Kai for your body

Body massaging is one of those pleasures and treat that you give your body to help it relax and relive it from pain. After hours, weeks and months of hard work and pain that you cause to your body, pampering it for few minutes might not be a bad idea. In fact, it will help your body relax and recover from the pain earlier than the normal time it takes. Although body massage, especially in Nepal, was taken in negative sense some decades back, more people are being aware of the benefits it does to your body. One of such places where you can get your body pampered and massaged by experienced and skilled professional is Sotai and Kai.

sotai and kai

Located in an alley between Mustang Thakali Kitchen and Herman Bakery in Pulchowk, Sotai and Kai specializes in Japanese physiotherapy and the art of the body balancing. Opened more than a decade ago by Yoshihito Akito, the center is now operated by his son Dr. Torakichi Akita. It trains the deaf people in physiotherapy and employs them increasing the opportunity for differentially-able people.

When you go to the center to get your body pampered, you will be asked to fill up an odd looking form and then change into a pair of pajamas. Before giving you a massage, your body is examined by Dr Torakichi to check whether it is physically balanced. After the doctor is done with his check up, he hands you over to your masseuse who massages each and every knot to your back. Although it might seem painful, it also gives a sense of relief. The doctor also gives you advice on any physical problems that you might have and also the reasons for it.

Sotai and Kai is one of the best places to get body massage as it has experienced and skilled professionals who knows what is best for your body.