Soybean seeds and mustard green pickle

One of the unique recipes found in the Himalayan country of Nepal is the soybean seeds and mustard green pickles. Commonly known as bhatmas ra rayoko saagko achar, this recipe might as well sound unique to most of the people living in the urban areas.

This dish is made by the combination of two popular items, bhatmas and rayoko saag and is nutritious as well as tasty that enhances the taste of otherwise dull food. The process of making this pickle, too, is simple and easy and does not require a lot of time. The process of making this dish is given below:

musard green



Soybean seeds (bhatmas), mustard greens (rayo ko saag), lemon, cooking oil, green chilies and salt to taste.


First of all, heat a pan and roast the soybean seeds in it. When done, remove its cover and grind it on a silauta, traditional Nepali stone grinder. Now, wash the mustard greens properly and cut it into small pieces. Then, put the mustard green pieces to boil. After it is boiled, take it out and squeeze the water out of it properly. Then, add the green chilies, salt, cooking oil and squeeze the lemon into it and mix it thoroughly. Mix the soybean paste well with the mustard green and spices mixture. Adjust the seasoning with salt and lemon juice and if you desire, you could also add chili powder to the pickle.

One of the less known types of pickles in Nepal, soybean seeds and mustard green pickles are healthy as well as nutritious taste enhancer.