Soybean seeds pickle

Soybean, locally known as Bhatmas, is one of the popular food items used in Nepali household. It is also one of the popular Nepali snacks. Roasted soybean seeds are served with Mohi or lassi or even mixed with roasted corns (bhuteko makai). In past decades, it was the favorite and kind of regular food for the farmers and agricultural workers. The light snack was and is considered good for health. There are many benefits of soybean seeds, however, excessive intake might result in upset stomach.

Not only as a snack but soybean seeds could also be prepared as pickles to be served with traditional Nepali meal. It is tasty and also quite heavy compared to other pickles. It could also be used as snack if prepared in larger quantity.


Soybean seeds, soybean, chopped green chili, chopped garlic, black salt powder, amchur powder (dried raw mango powder), mustard oil and cumin powder.


First of all, take the soybean seeds and wash them. Now, rub the seeds so that their cover gets off. You can use your bare hands or stone (rub lightly) and use it to rub the seeds on a flat surface or a nanglo (a flat plate with border made out of bamboo skin).

Put the soybean on a bowl and pour water in it. Let it soak some water and after sometime, take it out, squeeze the water out of it and cut it into four halves.

After the covers are removed, the seeds should be deep fried in mustard oil. Now, deep fry the chopped green chilies, chopped garlic and chopped soybean, each separately.

Then, mix all the fried ingredients into a bowl. Now, add black salt, amchur powder and cumin powder to it. Mix all the ingredients well and serve it fresh.