Spykar for men

Located at popular shopping malls like City Centre and the Blue Bird Mall, Spykar is the new collection popular among the young males, its target customers. It offers a wide range of men clothing, especially for the young males. From jeans to footwear, everything is available and in various designs as well. Also, the store has quality products boasting of international brands.

A collection of jeans in every possible shade is found here and is categorized neatly by types for the convenience of the customers to look through. From straight fit to tight jeans with sizes from 30 to 36, these jeans are usually the first products to sell off the shelf.

From checkered shirts to striped tees, the casual tees section has it all. The tees are done with rebellious details and patterns are capable of impressing the customers. The unique design of the shirt is sure to attract many people and the effect does not change even when you wear it and go outside. Thee casuals, especially, are good for a day out or simply chilling out with friends.


The store also offers wide range of flip flops as its new collection for giving the complete casual look. Rather than simply having the slip shod, the flip flops have various chic designs imprinted on each of them. The flip flops made for the casual wear can be worn almost everywhere and are very much comfortable.

Spykar has also touched upon a new territory which was previously not acknowledged by it. It has incorporated the fragrance industry with the introduction of a line of deodorant named Go white scent with different flavors (Black/Blue/White/Red) and labels with color codes. These male deodorants have added a variety to the store enabling men to find almost everything at one stop.

Spykar is one of those stores that you do not want to miss out as it is one of the best places for young males to find tees to footwear to deodorant, all at one stop.