Station Japanese Crepe House

The trend of indulging in foreign food has been increasing in Nepal and also the numbers of outlets specializing in those cuisines are mushrooming throughout the city. Following the trend but breaking the convention is Station Japanese Crepe House stationed at Khichapokhari- 22, Kathmandu. It probably is the first dessert outlet in Nepal, specializing in the Japanese Crepe.

This small station is situated on the way to Dharahara (Bhimsen Tower) from Khichapokhari and located amidst the numerous clothing stores, this might even get unnoticed as a dessert outlet if you miss the board above. The wonderfully decorated station might as well look like a souvenir shop for the artificial crepe displayed through the glass resembles the Japanese hand-fan to some extent. Two ladies (Nepali) serve the customers at the station which was established in the year 2068 BS. The establishment also proves the point that more and more Nepalese are getting attracted to the foreign food these days.

Photo by: Anisha Bhattarai

Photo by: Anisha Bhattarai

Crepe is a Japanese dessert made with all purpose flour and ice-cream or fruit fillings. The batter is poured over a flat pan and it is spread around to make it as thin as possible. When it is cooked, it is folded and the filling is added, as per your requests. Then it is further given a shape resembling an ice-cream cone and is put into a plastic and paper cone respectively. If you are wondering how to eat, there’s no need to worry, the attendant will give you instructions.

The price of the crepe varis according to the type of fillings you chose and the price ranges from Rs 66 for a plain crepe to Rs 99 for other variety of flavors and fillings. Currently, there are ten varieties of crepe available at the station including plain crepe, mango crepe, strawberry crepe, banana crepe vanilla ice-cream crepe, chocolate ice-cream crepe, strawberry ice-cream crepe, khuwa crepe, gudpak crepe and mixed crepe.


Photo by: Anisha Bhattarai

It indeed is sweet, as the station boasts of, and this new dessert for Nepal definitely deserves a try. However, if you want to sit there while enjoying your crepe you might be disappointed to find a couple of seats that would accommodate around four people. But where’s the fun in indulging in your crepe while you sit around in a closed room? Instead, take your crepe and stroll around the Dharahara admiring the nine storied tall tower rich with cultural and historical values. For further details and information, call Station Japanese Crepe House at +977-1-4256655 or pay a visit directly to their station at Khichapokhari.