Sun Koshi, the River of Gold

Flowing freely through the eastern part of Nepal is one of the seven tributaries of the Koshi Rivers (Saptakoshi), known as the Sunkoshi River, meaning the ‘River of Gold’. It is considered as one of the ten best rafting/kayaking destinations in the world. This unpredictable river flows in its own moods, which is serene and tranquil in one moment and wild and turbulent in another. This dynamic river is challenging and gives an ultimate river adventure, hence, its popularity among the rafters. The 270 km long river is easily assessable from Kathmandu and lies at about 3 hours drive from the city to the east.


Along with the adventurous and challenging rafting, the rafters could also enjoy the splendid mountain views and the remote villages. Passing through the remote villages and watch the villagers busy with their daily work while you raft at your speed is one of the most amazing experiences you could get in Sun Koshi River. Although the rapids acquire great mass during the rainy seasons, rafting is considered dangerous then. The wild experience while you pass through one of the most remote, undisturbed and natural countryside with a magnificent view of the Mahabharat Lekh Range in the background is a thrilling experience for the rafters lived only while rafting in this River of Gold. The roller coaster rapids and the confluence of Dudh Koshi River are breathtaking. This wild experience and the views of the serene mountains can be experienced only in the Sun Koshi River lying in the eastern part of Nepal.

A visit to one of the seven tributaries of the Koshi River, Sun Koshi, is must, if you are an avid rafter and love the challenging rapids and currents. If you are planning a rafting trip in/to Nepal, then don’t forget this River of Gold.