Sunrise Bank Limited

Founded by reputed entrepreneurs, Sunrise Bank Limited is ‘Rising to Serve’, as goes its tagline. The banking and management professionals that constituents the members of the bank are dedicated to establishing an institution which is determined to cater to the needs of all, big or small.

The bank was started with a mission of continuous offering of tailor made banking services to all levels of society with no constraint on time, location, size of transaction and all aspirations. The objectives of the bank are to continuously expand Bank’s operation in systematic manner, to become a major innovative Bank and provide top of the lines services, to build an HR team that continuously supplements the growth of the organization and to be vigilant to the evolving economy and align their operations accordingly.

The authorized capital of the bank is Rs. 10,000 million, paid-up capital Rs. 8,152,555,851. Sunrise Bank is more than just a bank, it is a friend to understand, evaluate and invest in your dreams and aspirations, a friend who will safeguard your savings and give you the best value for it and it does not limit its success just to its profit margin but finds success in customers’ friendship. It is one of the leading commercial banks in Nepal with its branches throughout the country. It has its one hundred and twenty-five branches inside and outside the Kathmandu valley at different locations. It also has its ATMs installed at various locations throughout the country and through these branches and ATMs, it has been providing services to the customers with ease and their convenience.

The bank offers normal savings deposit that is meant for the individuals and household who save money from their regular earning so that they could use it when required. It also provides facilities like cheque book, VISA card and insurance coverage for accidental death and permanent disability under this saving and deposit scheme. It also gives the fixed deposit services with minimum balance of twenty five thousand rupees. Besides this, it also has various loan schemes, short and long, as per the requirement of the customers.

The bank acquired NIDC Capital Market Limited in 2017.

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Sunrise Bank Limited

  • Gairidhara Crossing, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • P.O. Box: 15203
  • Tel: +977-1-4004560/4004561/4004562
  • Fax: +977-1-4422475
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