Suyogya Man Tuladhar, passionate and hardworking animator

Although unfamiliar to many Nepalese, Suyogya Man Tuladhar is a well known name in the animation industry. He is the co-founder of Incessant Rain, one of the leading animation studios in South Asia. He was born in Botahity, Kathmandu, however, he finished most of his schooling in India. He graduated in business studies from Delhi and in textile designing from Australia.

He was fascinated by the animation when he was in grade eight. Pell Osborne, an animation artist from the US had come to Nepal to train the Nepal television crew in animation. Tuladhar observed the entire process of animation and when he saw the sketches drawn by hand come alive on the 8mm projector, he fell in love with animation. An entrepreneur by profession, he always desired to become an animator.

He set up a boutique studio named TCI animation studio in Kathmandu in 2004. It was a beginning of the parent company Transcube International (TCI). A part of profit from the company was invested on TCI animation studio. In the time when animation was not popular as it is today in Nepal, they had to work even harder to make people understand about animation. The artists he trained formed the core team of Incessant Rain during its initiation in 2007.

In order to acquire high skilled animators and artists for his studio, he set up Black Box animation and VFX academy to provide best animation training. He is proud of his studio Incessant Rain as it has proved to be one of the leading animation studios in South Asian and has set a benchmark for other animation studios in Nepal. All the artists at the studio are Nepalese.

The very first international assignment they got was from Disney India in 2007 to make a trailer to wish the audience happy Diwali before the screening of the Yash Raj movie Roadside Romeo. The success of this project made them bag many others international projects like TV series and trailers for Disney and also proved those wrong who thought Nepal could not produce such a good quality animation.

A firm believer in hard work and passion, Suyogya Man Tuladhar advices the aspirant animators to keep their passion alive and work 26 hours a day, if they want to find success.