Synaptein International Education Consultants Private Limited

Established with the vision of providing quality educational services to Nepalese students who are competitive enough to qualify successfully at an international level, Synaptein International Education Consultants Private Limited intends to all the work of communicating and connecting to individuals and parties all over the world on behalf of the students who would, in turn, benefit through the education and experience they receive through Synaptein’s efforts.

The company with slogan as “we connect, you grow” strives to work effortlessly willing to take on all the challenges and hurdles they may face so that they can stand apart from the others and establish themselves as one of the top education consultancies in Nepal thereby earning the trust of thousands of students eager to study abroad and building a reputation amongst their partners as being fair, reliable and pleasant to work with.


Believing in the concept of quality rather than quantity, the consultancy aims to give the students the opportunity to explore themselves. Understanding that not only education but also international exposure and all round development are necessary for all its students, the consultancy wants to produce graduates that are flexible, sensible and practical. It also wants to contribute to the society and to the world by educating and supporting the next generation of students. With its vision of producing conscientious and educated individuals who feel a responsibility in fulfilling their life’s goals and contributing to the society which they are a part of, Syanptein strives to build a drive within them so that they have an identity of their own and they make a on the world in the most positive way together with the confidence they build by studying abroad.

With its mission to provide comprehensive package of international educational services to students and individuals, and a wide spectrum of business services to the companies interested in pursuing the benefits of international activities, it has set its goal to strive to achieve quality and recognition through hard work, dedication and honesty and to accomplish global excellence with a strong commitment to quality. The main objectives of Synaptein International is to provide quality study abroad options to its students and to guide them through the counseling and documentation process, promote the concept of international educational interchanges, especially among the native students, and motivate them towards a world of better opportunities, bridge the gap between students and foreign colleges and universities by providing efficient counseling services, enlighten native students with the knowledge of cross cultural situations before they leave for their studies, develop new evaluation and accountability models that makes the institution more responsive to society as a whole, provide information and guidance on the life and cultures and society that they will become part of and help students achieve their dreams of pursuing quality education abroad. The services it provides include teaching training, pre departure services and international driving training.

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Synaptein International Education Consultants
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GPO Box: 9573 Kathmandu- 4, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4410193