Talented Astha Tamang Maskey

A talented artist who started singing at the age of 10, started to write songs at the age of 14 and by the age of 15 Astha Tamang Maskey had already recorded a song. In her twenties now, she has released an album Sabai Thikai Hunchha and has growing number of singles to her credit. Born to the parents involved in music, she developed interest towards it at the very young age without realizing that she might take it up as a career someday. Her interest and love towards music has brought her where she stands today, a popular singer creating music successfully in the Nepali music industries.

The Nepal born Canadian resident, Astha Tamang Maskey was what we call a good girl, as a child, who obeyed everything asked of her. Her first 12 years of life were spent in Nepal after which she moved to Toronto with her parents. Although she has been successful to establish herself as a star, she still is a normal girl at heart who enjoys the company of her friends, plays with her little brother, surfs internet and listens to the music, well creating a song or two as her daily activities as well.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sSdA51P5LA[/youtube] Although she used to sing in front of her relatives and parents as a child, it was only after she reached nineteen years of age that her musical career officially took off. Her chance of coming to Nepal changed her life for good as once she was in Nepal, she started touring and very soon her one year in Nepal not only let her learn and explore, but also made her a popular name. She, after recording an album and winning the hearts of many young fans, went back to Toronto where she updated her collection via YouTube. She has also released two videos from the album Sabai thikai hunchha, a Nepali song and an English song.

One who believes and follows the principle of positivity, whenever she is down, she is always motivated by her friend’s words ‘Never ever give up. The second you give up might be the moment where you could have made it”. A workaholic who is often harsh on herself, she plans to continue with the music as she believes she has found her passion. The talented singer pens her sentiments and feeling into her songs making each of it a part of herself and her true personality. For further information or to contact Astha Tamang Maskey log on to www.asthamusic.com