Tangy and spicy chatpate

Chatpate   is one of the most popular and desired junk (street) foods in Nepal. Be it inside or outside the Kathmandu valley, everybody simply loves chatpate. The tangy spicy food tastes great when every ingredient is blended in balance. Children, teenagers as well as adults, especially females of almost every age group love Chatpate.

There are various types and varieties of chatpate. Some of them are simple combination of few major ingredients while other uses various ingredients. Among the various, Chana Chatpate, Murai Chatpate, Chauchau Chatpate is few to name. No matter what else you mix it with, the key ingredients in chatpate are murai (puffed rice), onion, tomato, chickpea (roasted or soaked raw), vegetable oil, salt and lemon or lime juice or you could also use imily juice. Do not miss potato and coriander leaves for added taste.

In this article we will be talking about a simple way to make a tangy and spicy chatpate.



1 cup Puffed rice

¼ cup chickpea (fried black chickpea)

¼ cup peanuts with skin

¼ cup coriander leaves

1 chopped tomato

1 diced boiled potato

½ diced cucumber

½ diced diakon radish

1 chopped onion

2 tsp lime juice (or imily juice for giving sour taste)

1 tsp cooking oil

1 pinch chaat masala (optional)

2 chopped Green chilies (to taste)

Red chili powder for color or as your taste

Salt to taste


First of all, put the puffed rice, salt, red chili powder, and stir it well so that the puffed rice mixes well with the chili powder and salt. Now, add diced potato, onion, radish, cucumber, tomato, peanuts, chickpea and green chilies to it mixing it thoroughly. Also add the coriander leaves. Then, add oil and lime juice and mix it thoroughly. You could also mash some of the boiled potatoes if you like. Add chaat masala for extra flavor, if you want, else serve it in a bowl or a cone made from newspaper and indulge on your spicy chatpate.

However, nothing could beat the taste of the chatpate that is made by the bhaiyas on the street.