Teej festival – photo story

Teej is one of the most important Hindu festivals, when Lord Shiva is worshiped. On this day, married women keep nirjala vrat (fast kept even without drinking water) for healthy and long life of their husbands and unmarried girls with the wish of getting a good husband. Women and girls are seen clad in red and green dresses, especially saris. The married women wear red and green pote (glass beads), green tilhari (long pote worn sideways), braid their hair with lachi (type of traditional hair ribbon) and red bangles on their both hands. Unmarried girls are, as well, seen in make-up and similar dazzling outfits which might be kurta-salwar or sari.

Women offering Aarati to Lord Shiva in Gaganeshwar temple, Koteshwar.

Women standing on a line waiting for their turns to worship Lord Shiva on the auspicious occasion of Teej.

Women performing puja on the ocasion of Teej.

Unmarried girls wait for their turns to worship Lord Shiva. Not only married but also unmarried girls keep fast during the Teej festival.

Women dancing to keep themselves entertained during the Teej festival in the premises of Koteshwor Mahadev.

Women dancing at the courtyard of their house.

A medical practitioner taking the BP measurement of a women. A medical unit set up to provide medical assistance to the women during the Teej festival.

A little girl clad in traditional Nepali dress on her way to visit Koteshwor Mahadev temple on the occasion of Teej. These days, women rarely wear the traditional Nepali dress, i.e. Guneu-Choli (blouse), Fariya (sari worn like a wrapper as shown in the picture) and Patuki (worn around the waist as seen in the picture).

A group of women wearing Lachhi, a traditional ribbon used to braid hair. Women these days clip it to their hairs rather than braiding it. Most of the women are seen in bridal make up during this festival as it is the day when women are allowed to wear heavy make ups without being frowned upon.

A kid unconcerned of the hustle and bustle of Teej around him indulging himself with the delicious cotton candy.

Photos by: Anisha Bhattarai