The temple of Kushmanda Devi in Trikhandi

Kushmanda Sarovar Triveni Dham or the Triveni Sangam in Hetauda is a secret place of Mother Kushmanda where three different rivers meet together. There is a pond where the rivers meet and it also has a statue of the goddess. This historically significant place is one of the favorite places of the goddess and thousands of devotees come here to perform puja and please the goddess.

It is also believed that the goddess comes here to bath and play with her ganas (body guards) and sometimes also came for meditation which is why it is also called Kushmanda Sarovar Treveni Dham. The place is called Trikhandi, locally. There are 108 taps shaped as cows from where the water always flows around the sarovar the statue of the goddess. It is also believed that if one bathes on all these 108 Gomukhi (cow shaped) taps then their illness and other bad effects will be removed. Mother Kushmanda is a form of goddess Durga worshiped on fourth day of Navaratri/Nauratha.

The name Kushmanda is formed by three words, ku meaning ‘a little’, ushma meaning ‘warmth’ and anda meaning ‘the cosmic egg’. Hence, she is also considered as the creator of the universe. She is often showed as having eight or ten hands and holds weapons, rosary, etc. and rides lion. This is also said to be the happy form of goddess Durga and it is believed that her smile had ended the eternal darkness that was present before the existence of any creation. That is why she is called the creator of the universe. She is also known as ‘Adi Shakti’ and it is said that she resides in the core of the sun (Suryamandala). Her body has the shine like that of glowing Sun and is also known as Astabhuja, one having eight arms. The lion she rides is the symbol of Dharma and she holds several elements in her hands that represent various concepts like justice, knowledge, love, purity and immortality.

The Trikhandi area where her temple lays is beautiful as well as peaceful. The fresh air with the sound of flowing river water gives a heavenly feeling. It is believed that the goddess bless and protects her devotees from sorrows and problems related to the materialistic world.