Temple of the Mother Goddess

Situated in Gausala, Kathmandu, the temple of Bhuvaneshvari is beautifully carved and is one of the popular temples in Kathmandu. Goddess Bhuvaneshvari is considered as the fourth of the ten Mahavidya (greater knowledge) goddesses and an aspect of Devi.

The goddess known for her beauty also has a nickname “Creator (or co-creator) of the World”. She is also considered as the supreme goddess who creates everything and destroys all the unnecessary evils of world. Considered as the most powerful goddess in universe, she is also known as Mother Goddess of Parvati, Laxmi, Saraswati and Gayatri. With an exception of Kamala, Bhuvaneshvari is also associated and identified with energy of creation more than any other Mahavidya.  She is the part of creation and also encompasses its aftermath.


The temple of Bhuvaneshvari is famous for fulfillment of the wishes of the people. It is believed that doing puja here helps one get rid of family dispute, overcome diseases and to get victory. Legends say that even Lord Rama worshiped Bhuvaneshvari before fighiting with Ravana and got the victory. Also, Lord Krishna is believed to worship her before he left Mathura for Dwarika.

It is said that conducting a puja in the temple will take away your illness and ease your pain. She is the left part of Lord Shiva and is the source of Ying principal. She is surrounded by the vibration and evergy of 700,000,00 Mantra and her other name is Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth.

One of the most powerful goddess and the source of energy, the temple of this goddess observe thousands of devotees to pay their respects and in hope of getting their wishes fulfilled. The temple is especially crowded during Dashain and Nauratha (nine nights) when the devotees from various places come to worship the Mother Goddess.