The temple of Raktakali

One of the most popular temples of the goddess Kali in Nepal, the temple of Raktakali is situated on the way to Naradevi. Raktakali is also called Kulabhulu Ajima. Kali is one of the most dangerous forms of goddess Durga who looks terrifying with the skull garland around her neck, her skirt made of hands and her long tongue red with blood of the demons.

The area that the temple covers is big and has various other statues of Maa Shakti in her different forms although the main temple is not as big. The temple is preserved by the Jyapu community. The devotees are allowed to build and erect a statue of the goddess in the temple if they please. The temple has two large gates and also contains stupa of Lord Buddha.

The looks of the goddess itself is capable of terrifying the demons. Goddess Raktakali is the mother who resides with the immaterial spirits. Her character is similar to that of goddess Kali’s and she is considered as a warrior goddess. She is considered as the female energy whose has Bhairav as her male form of god.

Thousands of devotees come to the temple each day to worship the goddess and especially during the festival of Navaratri and Dashain, the temple is crowded with the devotees. People often come here seeking for courage and power to overcome their troubles and get victory. The goddess, being the symbol of courage and victory, is often worshiped by the common people as well as the military. Usually, every military or army unit has one temple of the goddess Shakti inside their camp as it is believed that the goddess gives power and courage to fight the enemy and get victory over them. The enemy does not always have to be the people, it could be our thoughts and lack of confidence in ourselves. Hence, people come here to worship the goddess and asking for power and courage to fight and face the difficult situations in one’s life.