The temple of Tangal Ganesh

The small temple situated inside the main road in the Tangal area in Kathmandu, Tangal Ganesh temple is said to be so powerful that even the road department cannot remove it from its place. People from various places all over Nepal come here to worship the god to fulfill their wishes. Ganesh is also considered as the one who would remove all the obstacles in one’s life.

The temple got its name as Tangal Ganesh from the name of the place itself. The god is worshipped before the start of any new ventures whether it is for business or personal, the blessing of Ganesh is definitely needed for. Although the temple is small and simple, it is said that people have felt the power that the temple holds. It is considered as one of the most powerful temples of Lord Ganesh in Nepal and is famous for fulfillment of the wishes of the devotees. There are many small statues of various gods like Bhairav, etc. The complete red color of the Ganesh statue is also of special significance but what it signifies is a mystery. He is also considered as the God of education, knowledge and wisdom, literature and fine arts.

tangal ganesh

Every person passing by the temple makes sure to bow their head and show their respect to the god. The temple is open and is almost in the middle of the road. While passing by the temple, one can see devotees bowing down and touching the statue and taking their hands to their forehead, a sign of showing respect to the god in the Hindu religion. The temple is barred with small iron poles in all directions and the roof is supported by four iron pillars while the space between the roof and the temple is open. The small entrance leads you to a couple of steps down to the pavilion where the statue of Lord Ganesh is enshrined. The temple is crowded on Tuesdays, and also on other days, devotees are seen worshipping and taking the blessings with the god.