Terathum district in eastern Nepal

Terathum district in Eastern Nepal is a beautiful district with many hill towns and village coming under its boundary. The population of the place consists of Limbu, Tamang, Sherpa, Magar, Newari, Gurung, Rai, Maithili, Tharu, Sunuwar, Rajbanshi, Satar communities. The place is facilitated with the basic communication, health and accommodation facilities for locals as well as the tourists. The major tourist attractions in the place is Basantapur, Chohandanda, Sankrantidanda, Terathum Bazaar and Myanglung Bazaar, Chiling pokhari, Tiche Pokhari, Siddhamarga, Pokhari, Chitre Pokhari, Lam Pokhari, Mewa Khola and Lumu Khola.

One of the most popular market areas in Terathum district is the Basantapur Bazaar that stands as the starting point for trekking in Terathum, Taplejung and Sankhuwasbha districts. The place is of great importance to the people, especially the locals as it is linked to all main tracks of other places. This beautiful bazaar is located in a natural setting surrounded by a rhododendron forest and the majestic views of the Himalayan peaks such as Makalu, Jannu and Kanchenjunga.


Located some 12 kilometers east of Basantapur is the headquarters of the Terathum district called Myanglung Bazaar. The place mostly inhabited by Limbus was also known as the capital of Limbu state in the history and is of great historical and cultural significance. Although it is the headquarters of the district, the main place of the eastern Terathum is Sakaranti Bazaar located in a beautiful setting with the majestic and remarkable views of the Himalayas. Some four kilometers east of the bazaar is the place called Chuhandanda which is of great historical importance and also the bazaar is the best place in the district if you want to observe the Limbu culture.

Another popular place (rhododendron forest) in Taplejung district is the Milke Danda which stands proudly at the height of 2,905m and offers the splendid views of Kanchejunga and Kubhakarna mountains as well as the views of sunrise and sunset. It also serves as the trekking trail between Taplejung and Basantapur Bazaar.

Located between Eisibu and Samdu VDCs of Terathum district at the distance of one-day walk from Mayanglung, Hyatrung waterfall is the highest waterfall of the country. The local people or the small teashops here offer the shelter for the visitors. Also situated at Hamarjung VDC of Terathum district is a natural pond surrounded by a lush green forest full of birds and flowers going by the name of Marga Pokhari which also serves as one of the major attractions of the place.