Thakkhola Thakali Cuisine

For those who want to have the taste of local Thakali food, Thakkhola Thakali Cuisine located at Jhamsikhel, opposite to the Saraswati temple is a place to be. It is a good place to go with the families, professional colleagues or friends.

It serves good Thakali cuisine and although the offerings look sort of repetitive, there is a diverse culinary experience. The buckwheat crackers are light and healthier with finely ground mixture of dried chili, wild peppers, salt and cumin. The potatoes and eggs fried with fenugreek seeds and minimal spices accompanied by luscious sauce of chilies and wild peppers when dipped into the sauce give delightful experience. For those who prefer stronger flavors, fried potato with jimmu is a good choice which presents the potatoes that aren’t too dry and the flavors of jimmu that are blended well without actually overpowering the food. The fried churpies served with generous shower of icing sugar gives crunchy yet neutral taste to the golden strips at the beginning while it has slightly sour and salty taste afterwards.


The Thaali with buckwheat dhido is a good choice and to accompany it, the stew of local chicken and the spinach, fresh tomato pickle and the pickled radish is best. The dhido with the stew and the pickle is simply amazing and gives you the real taste of traditional Nepali food.

Even if you don’t find the service to be world class or the ambiance to be perfect, the food here is simply delicious and worth a try – the major reason for visiting most of the restaurant. Thakkhola Thakali is a good choice if you want to try some traditional Thakali cuisine. It is worth your visit as well as money as the food here is good and capable of attracting you to the place over and over again.