The MaHa Pair, the best Nepali comedians

Madan Krishna Shrestha and Haribansha Acharya are the household names in the Nepali entertainment industry. Popularly known as the MaHa Jodi (MaHa duo), they are the most admired comedian of Nepal. The Maha pair that collaborated on 2037 BS has become synonymous with the Nepali comedy. Madan Krishna and Haribansha together have achieved as well as contributed a lot to the society.

Born on April 19, 1950, Shrestha came to notice by the Nepali viewers and critics after his performance in Rastriya Gaijatra Mahotsav 2032 BS. He had struggled in art sector for nearly 10 years alone before meeting Acharya.

Acharya was born on 9th October, 1958. He started his career with a performance in 2031 BS in Radio Nepal with Hari Prasad Rimal and Jitendra Mahat Avilashi. He joined Rastriya Naach Ghar in 2032 B.S. and his performance in Gaijatra Mahotsav in 2034 B.S. shot him to fame. Before becoming the part of Maha Jodi, he had struggled alone in the entertainment sector for six years.

They are together since there collaboration in 2037 B.S. and they together have given many wonderful performances. They are actively involved in stage performance, movies and TV serials. They also work together for public awareness and welfare. They were noted for their effort in the April Uprising in Nepal that dethroned the Monarchy. Their first satirical drama “Bankeshwor” made them popular as Maha Jodi in the field of art and drama. They are not only great actors but also directors, producers, composers and writers. They were the first to release ironic audio cassettes. Their dramas and stage shows have great impact on the Nepalese people and have earned millions of fans inside and outside of Nepal. They have received many honors, medals and certificate of appreciation from national as well as international organizations.

They have acted on about 3 dozen stage dramas, some of them being Yamlok, Picnic, Bigyapan,Rastriya Gaun Khane Pratiogita, Saalik, etc. created about 2 dozen classic videos, about one dozen satirical cum educational radio programs namely MaHa Adalat, Chhu Mantar, Vitamin A, etc. They have worked on more than a dozen movies. Their most popular TV show is the Madanbahadur Haribahadur. It revolves around the subject of Constituent Assembly. They have visited many countries in course of their stage performance.

The MaHa pair is not only an example of great Nepali comedians but also an example of undying friendship, partnership, colleague and companion as they have continued entertaining the audience of Nepali entertainment together for more than three decades. They have proved themselves as the most influential people of Nepal.