The Pathibhara Shrine

Pathivara Devi shrine, at an altitude of 3, 794 m in Taplejung, is a popular pilgrimage destination. The animist deity here is worshipped with equal reverence by both Hindus and Buddhists. Hindus visit the temple during special occasions, while Buddhists living nearby light utter candles at the temple every full moon-night.

The Goddess at Pathivara is believed to fulfill the long-cherished dreams of her devotes. Some living examples are children for hose without one, and wealth for the poor.

The story of the temple dates back to the time when hundreds of sheep were said to have disappeared from the place where the temple stands today. Legend has it that when the shepherds prayed for the return of their sheep, they had a vision of the Devi. In the vision, the Devi asked them to sacrifice a few of their sheep to get their lost ones back. When the people did as they were asked, the lost sheep were found.

Other features

Any one visiting the Pathivara shrine does not miss Olangchungola and Lungchung. The waterfall at Sawa and the pond of Timbuk is worth a watch. Kanchengunga Range will guide you all along the way.

When to Visit

The best time to visit the place is from March to June and September to November when there is just little or no rain.