Tinau Development Bank

Update: The bank merged with Mission Development Bank Limited in 2019  and started operating as Tinau Mission Development Bank Limited.

Established as a “B” class financial institution, Tinau Development Bank commenced its operation as a regional bank from 15th Kartik, 2063 BS. The dedicated professional management team along with the employees of the bank is looking forward to serve the customers and its clients with its designed products. The bank had opened its shares for public on 3rd Bhadra, 2067 BS. A Public Limited Company, Tinau Development Bank was incorporated under the Bank and Financial Institution Act 2006 (AD) and The Companies Act 2006 (AD) and is licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank to undertake banking services as a regional bank in Nepal. The bank was established with the Authorized Capital of Rs 200 million, Issued Capital of Rs 100 million and Paid Up Capital of Rs 100 million. The promoters hold the seventy percent of the Paid Up Capital with the remaining thirty percent laying in the hands of the general public.

tinau bank

The bank plans to have a seven member Board of Directors (BOD) with four representatives of the promoters’ group, two representatives of the general public and one representative of the Professional Director. The bank has successfully opened five branches in short period of time and over the years, it plans to open up more branch offices to make the delivery of its products and services convenient and easily accessible to its customers and clients.

The bank driven by industrialist, banking professional, doctors and professional management team along with dedicated employees focuses on catering the needs of every customers by offering high quality and cost effective products and services. The products and services offered by Tinau Development Bank are Normal Saving, Easy Saving, Bidharthi Saving, Jestha Nagarik Bachat, Tinau Nari Bachat, Employee Saving Account, Pensioner Saving Account, Vishesh Bachat Yojana, Shareholders Saving, Fixed Deposit, Provident Fund Saving, Tinau Bal Bachat, Akshaya Kosh (Endowment) Saving Account, Call Deposit and Tinau Double Scheme. The bank also offers loan schemes in the forms of Higher Purchase Loan, Housing Loan (for personal as well as institutional purpose), Real Estate Loan, Trade Loan, Industrial Loan, Foreign Employment Loan, Education Loan, FD Receipt Loan, Personal Mortgage Loan (Term-wise Loan and Overdraft), Margin Loan, Working Capital Loan, Overdraft Loan. The bank has around seven branches at various locations to ensure the smooth and hassle-free services to its customers keeping in mind their convenience.

The bank merged with Mission Development Bank Limited in 2019 and started operating as Tinau Mission Development Bank Limited. The bank later acquired Nepal Community Development Bank Limited in the same year.