Top 5 futsals in Kathmandu

We present to you the top five most popular futsals in Kathmandu Valley. Grassroots Recreational Centre also falls under this list of the top five most popular futsals in Kathmandu, among others as well.

Futsal is a place designed especially for playing football. It is made up of a football ground with all of the football’s field requirements and rules. It is centre that is established with the concept to let other football players, colleges, offices, football groups and others, play football by paying specific fees. It is most suited for colleges, schools or other organizations who do not own a football ground or if they cannot accommodate all their players in their football field’s space. And, futsals also host football matches an events, wither from their own initiation, through the sponsorship sources or colleges, offices and so on. And as football Is one of the most famous sports, it has given to a rise in the demand for futsals for such football players.

Below is the list of the top 5 futsals in Kathmandu.