Top most popular mobile phones in Kathmandu

Here is the list of the top mobile phones that are the most popular in Kathmandu. They include Iphone and Samsung as well as other three too.

Mobile phones, especially smart phones are the most trending and adopted gadgets in Kathmandu city as of now. More and more people are seen interested to buy mobile phones mostly of the top companies or from the ones that best fits their budget. These mobile phones have become an essential part of the daily lives of Nepalese people. They act as a calling device, music store, medium to reach social networking sites and many more. They are also inbuilt with many exciting features and applications that have been proven to be very useful and entertaining for the users, such as games, viber, Facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram, messenger, skype and so on.

Below is the list of the top most popular mobile phones in Kathmandu.

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