Top Hiking Places in Kathmandu

We present to you the top places to go hiking in Kathmandu Valley. You may be aware of hiking spots like Champadevi, Taudaha, Shivapuri and such in Kathmandu valley, but you have yet to discover other adventurous hiking trails here.

Hiking is now seen as one of the top outdoor activity loved by Nepalese people. It is taken as a good source of activity to get engaged for the physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Hiking can be for a short adventure, for outdoor picnics, for field trips (both educational and entertainment) and many more. Both the young and the elder generations are now seen more and more concerned about their health which has made them enjoy hiking.

There also are many increasing number of hiking agencies and groups that organize hiking activities for entertainment purposes, programs promoting for the awareness of many social issue, sponsorship agencies for many events and so on.

Below are the top hiking places in Kathmandu Valley.