Top Momo restaurants in Kathmandu

Almost all Nepali’s mouth waters when hearing the work Momo. This is why we have made it easier for you to have the best Momos by bringing you the list of the top Momo restaurants in Kathmandu.

Momo is originally a Tibetan dish also known as dumplings. The Nepalese however, call it momo or Momocha. It is the most famous Nepali dish. Its every one’s favorite! It is made by filling dough with grinded meat with several ingredients and cooked in its own momo utensil. It is consumed throughout the year, may it be summer or winter. It also has various categories such as steam momo, fried momo, jhol (gravy) momo, C momo (chilly momo), chat momo and a few others. There are many new and happening Momo restaurants opened in the capital city. They are the ones that you mustn’t miss for a delicious plate of Momos.

Below are the top Momo restaurants in Kathmandu.