Top Nepali and Thakali food restaurants in Pokhara

We have assembled for you the top best restaurants serving Nepali and Thakali food in Pokhara. They have the best Nepali taste and satisfy all your cravings for an authentic Nepali palate.

To be able to choose the best restaurants, we need to consider some standards that it should meet. First off, the restaurant should have a vibrant, cozy and a fun environment. It should let the customers enjoy their food by providing the best services with well-trained employees. They should be responsive to the customer’s demands. They must deliver high quality food processed with fresh ingredients and set considerate pricing. Along with serving exclusive cuisines, the restaurant must offer satisfaction to the customers for their visit. They should be given enough privacy to let them have a good time.

Below are the list of top notch Nepali and Thakali restaurants in Pokhara.