Top Nepali makeup artists

We have brought for all you makeup lovers, the list of the top Nepali makeup artists currently. Sakil Kunwar being one of the top makeup artist known for his expert makeup techniques, also falls under the list of the top Nepali makeup artists in Nepal, but there are others as well.

The industry of makeup has revolutionized even in the Nepalese market. More and more people are now fond of makeup. These trends have given rise to many makeup artists in our country, as well as our NRN talents as well. Promise Tamag is also one of the examples of YouTube’s sensational makeup artist, who is from Nepal.  These talents have impressed people not only nationwide, but worldwide.

People nowadays seek professional makeup from their respective favorite makeup artists and visit them for special occasions such as wedding seasons, festive seasons, parties and so on.

The top Nepali makeup artists in Nepal areas follows.


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