Top places to visit in Palpa

Here is the list of the top places to visit in Palpa. Some of the major attractions in Palpa are Shrinagar Hill, Rishikesh Temple, Rambi and so on. However they are not the only places to visit in Palpa as there are many other must see locations.

Palpa is one of the most beautiful 75 districts of Nepal. Some of the most important lakes in Palpa are Sita Kunda, Pravas Lake and Satyawai Lake. Kali Gandaki River, Tinau River, Ridi River, Dovan River and others are the rivers located in this district. It is a place of great historical importance with many museums, forts: Kalika Fort, Nuwakot Fort and Bakumgadi Fort, and other significant sites that are worth visiting.

The top and best places to visit when in Palpa district are as follows.